Consulting & Advisory Services

We live in a rapidly changing world and being a trusted advisor requires real time market knowledge and up-to-the minute, comprehensive understanding of how commercial real estate is working, capital is trading, and markets are evolving. We provide services to chain restaurant investors nationwide, including private owners, operators, developers, and institutional investors.

RNL’s Advisory Services:

  • Customized Site Demographic & Market Analysis. We provide restaurant property owners customized site reports for your property including land area, building size, aerial maps, pictures of the property, traffic counts, demographics, employment, consumer spending, and average household income. If you need to re-tenant your property, our custom site reports provide the necessary facts and figures to help you find the perfect net lease tenant for your site. At Restaurant Net Lease, we help landlords effectively manage their property’s future by understanding the site requirements of national net lease tenants who are actively looking to expand.
  • Lease Re-Structuring Negotiations. We leverage our relationships with tenants and our industry knowledge to advise clients on lease negotiations and renewals by helping negotiate rent adjustments, lease term, capital improvements, and other Landlord concessions.
  • Financing. We help restaurant landlords, business owners, and NNN investors obtain financing through our national network of brokers and lenders. From acquisition and refinance to debt capital for leasehold improvements, Restaurant Net Lease has the resources to direct clients to the best available capital in the marketplace.
  • Restaurant Property Valuation, Analysis, & Disposition Strategy. We provide an in-depth analysis of your restaurant real estate assets by analyzing your current equity position and comparing cash flow scenarios to support buy, hold, and sell decisions and formulate real estate investment plans.
  • Sale-Leaseback Single Asset or Portfolio Property Valuation, Analysis, & Disposition Strategy. For restaurant operators who own some or all of their real estate, we provide an in depth valuation of your restaurant real estate assets by reviewing store level P&Ls and Balance Sheets. This provides us the initial framework to advise business owners on rent allocation, lease terms, and portfolio vs individual marketing strategies.
  • Tenant Expansion Strategies. We partner with tenants looking to expand by assisting with purchasing existing restaurants, site selection, ground lease, and build-to-suit opportunities. We understand how difficult it is for a business owner to find a good restaurant location. We also understand that many of the best locations for restaurant operators are “existing” locations. Being on the front lines with America’s freestanding chain restaurant owners and operators, we are able to provide our clients with existing vacant and leased restaurant opportunities.
  • Build-to-Suit. It is critical for a Developer to structure an optimal lease prior to or during development. Our experience advising build-so-suit developers has enabled them to maximize asset value and take advantage of market conditions through presale exit strategies.